Artur G. Vieira
I'm a polyglot API developer, with ten years of experience.
It all started in late 2009, when I bought a book about the Java programming language, which lead to choose my major in Computer Science and to start a career in tech. As a second year student I left College, to work for a Fortune 500 software services company. Starting with Java, at the time a leading choice for most, industry production systems, I wrote in a team a system to detect fraud, in the health care industry.
After several years of developing software, I moved to JavaScript, used NodeJS to build Progressive Web Apps. Recently, switched over to Typescript, the current standard in Web Develoment. My stack uses NodeJS to build APIs, I prefer GraphQL over REST methods. React or React Native, to build gui clients, with graphical web components. I use responsive design methods and cross browser standards compliance.
Part of my tooling includes git, webpack, a devops docker pipeline. Also CI/CD deploy systems, into cloud native solutions.
Last year, I learned basic machine learning and made linear regression, predictions on sample data, with Python and Tensorflow.
I implement based on standards. Standards, and design patterns or otherwise best practices. Also, only to write the necessary parts and use appropriate technology tools for the job.
I enjoy innovation. Preferring functional programming paradigms and object-oriented programing to procedural designs. Using design patterns and stateful and immutable data objects via pure functions.
Where appropriate, I develop using test-driven development methods. When available, I perform best, in an Agile and iterative development team.
Below is a snapshot of my latest work, a Blockchain Application, called it's a Saas Point of Sales, allowing transactions in seconds anywhere globally. A marketplace, where merchants can make cryptocurrency transactions. It's a docker file, that can be scaled in a Kubernetes cluster.
Using extensive data collection and analytics experience, to build dashboard metric infographics. That improve, on business insights. I also can manage an Elasticsearch cluster, with Kibana Dashboards or Tableau software.